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Project “History in Faces”

This project is timed to the 70th anniversary of the release of USSR Presidium of the Suprime Soviet decree of 28th August, 1941 "On the resettlement of Germans living in the Volga region"

German Culture Center of Engels
Engels dociety of Soviet Germans “Renaissance” («Wiedergeburt»)

with the support of
The Ministry of Culture of Saratov region

with the financial support of
German Embassy in Moscow

Символ Ида Краус Владимир Робертус Евгения Панкратова Эдуард Вегеле

The aim of the project is: the organization of an exhibition of artistic photo portraits of veterans-trudarmeytsev[n1] -Russian-Germans who survived the deportation and years of severe repressions, but preserved and carried through the years love for their culture and their descendants, people who have made a significant contributions to science, history and culture of Russia.

The photo shoots made in the genre of psychological portrait are presented on the project's website. In the documentary, yet artistically expressive portrait photographers tried to capture the internal state and inner peace of a man with a difficult destiny. There is the desire of all the creators, having a viewer stopped in front of the portrait, to help him see the history of a man, his character, will and faith in life.
Photos made not only on modern digital cameras, but also in black and white film.
Author and Project Manager - Aleftina Shuvaeva
Photografs: Maria Ignatova, Roman Bazhenov
Coordinator - Natalia Makarova